Local Spotlight: Monroe Street Sidewalk Poems

3 poems with a blue background

3 poems with a blue background

Imagine walking down the sidewalk and having it speak to you, offering you a moment to pause and take a moment to reflect. Walking down Monroe Street can do that and it is one of the many reasons we love being part of the Monroe Street community. In 2018, there was a major road reconstruction and in the process of repaving the sidewalks, the Madison Arts Commission brought an innovative idea to the table – poetry stamped into the concrete.

It shouldn’t be a hidden secret! We invite you to make an afternoon discovering the poetry etched into the sidewalks along Monroe Street. 

Here are some fun ways to start: 

  • Grab a hot chocolate or coffee and try the delicious chocolate at Madison Chocolate Company and head east down the street. 
  • Stop at the Public Library, check out a book of poetry, and meander west. 
  • A clue for you: poetry, like music, speaks to the heart. Where do you go for music on Monroe Street? 

There are twelve poems stamped into the sidewalks along both sides of Monroe Street.  Poems were written by Madison poet laureates- respected poets who are honored for their work. You’ll find poems by John Tuschen, Andrea Musher, Fabu, Sarah Sadie Busse, Wendy Vardaman, and Oscar Mireles. Click here to read their poems.

With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to stroll the streets. We encourage you to walk Monroe Street to see if you can find all twelve poems. 

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