Community Spotlight: Dinsart Design

You may have read this article in the CapTimes late January about this once Aerospace Test Flight Manager turned design firm owner focused on repurposed and locally made materials. After having pieces of her brand new house fall apart, Shauna Dinsart dove into learning more sustainable ways to design homes. It only takes a moment on the Dinsart Design website to see how passionate she is about this work. “With design, I try to imagine that there isn’t already a playbook in place in terms of what function each piece serves. I like to look at a space to understand the need, and come up with solutions which make sense functionally, while aligning that with the aesthetic goals. Walking into a bathroom or kitchen tells me storage is needed, but what that storage solution looks like does not have limitations.”

She works out of The Bodgery here in Madison but is quickly getting recognized all over.  Recently she was highlighted by Truewerk Clothing Brand on their Facebook page. Shauna Dinsart is a one in a million creative that is going to change how we look at housing and the love we put into the spaces we live. We are incredibly lucky to have her call Madison, Wisconsin home. 

We highly recommend you follow Shauna Dinsart and Dinsart Design on any platform you can. 

Facebook – @dinsartdesign 

Instagram – @shaunadinsart   



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