Supporting Local for the Holiday Season!

woman holding chalk sign that says shop local

woman holding chalk sign that says shop local
We know many of you are busy buying Holiday gifts. And some of you haven’t even started yet.

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  We have some terrific local options to help ease your gift buying experience. This list is created for people in and around Dane County, WI. If you’re reading this and you’re not in this area, we hope that you do a little Google search and find some great local options for you. 

Christine’s Kitchens: Christine’s Kitchens is a local commercial kitchen that also has an online store full of fantastic locally made goods.  This time of year they partner with Something Special from Wisconsin to create ‘Boxes of Fun’. ‘Boxes of Fun’ come in ten varieties and care great gifts for all those people in your life. 

If you want to shop in person, Christine’s Kitchens is partnering with Giant Jones to do a Pop Up Holiday Market on Sunday, December 19 from 1pm – 5pm. There will be many goodies from Christine’s Kitchens members for purchase and of course, delicious Giant Jones beer. 

Fromagination: Who do you know that loves cheese? Fromagination has an amazing selection of artisan cheeses for those cheese lovers in your life. They also have some terrific local gifts to make any grinch more merrier. 

Good Day Shop: Right near our office on Monroe St, Good Day Shop has some hidden gems of local gift ideas. Stop in the store when you’re doing other shopping on our fantastic Monroe Street District

Grasshopper Goods: If you are in Stoughton, or want to take a ride, definitely head to Grasshopper Goods. This brilliant company started as a mobile shopping truck and now has their own shop.

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Grasshopper Goods offers a wide variety of local gifts including clothing, accessories, art, and so much more.

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We hope this gives you some ideas of where to go for your local holiday gift buying.  We live in such an amazing community and the products created by local businesses are phenomenal quality. Sending you warm wishes for the Holiday Season and we are excited for all the local businesses you’ll support. 

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