Local Spotlight: Creando Little Language Explorers, LLC

In September we partnered with the Creando Little Language Learners for the Monroe St. Festival. We love them so much and are happy they take residence with us on Monroe St. However, many people might not know who they are so let us share the goodness! 

Creando is an award winning educational program for children in the Madison, WI area based on the foundation of a bilingual and Spanish immersion curriculum founded in 2013. It is a fun and hands-on five senses learning approach that transports children to a magical language exploration.

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Creando believes that every child will benefit cognitively, socially and culturally by learning a second language.

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In addition to improving their own cognitive development and learning abilities across many areas, children who learn a second language will become better global citizens through cultural awareness and the ability to communicate with more people around the world.

Creando’s Mission and philosophy is to spark interest, plant seeds, develop and help master a second language by making children fall in love with the Spanish language, culture and the world around them! Que bueno! Their language program engages children in active play through movement, music, dance, games, cooking, STEM activities, outdoor explorations, and art. It encourages children to explore, learn and play with all their senses. It also helps construct ideas of the world by acquiring basic vocabulary, math and social skills. Children engage in creative participation by exploring artistic projects, pictures, imagination, and pretend play. The educational based language program helps kiddos gain a sense of self by exploring, playing, and gaining confidence in their developing language skills.

For all of those education nerds, this model is a fantastic one to study.

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And if you have children, check out their openings on their website for ways to get involved.

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