Mums the Word

yellow, purple, white mums

yellow, purple, white mums

It’s Mum Season so we thought, why not blog about it? Here are a few pointers and little tidbits about mums that we are excited to share. Many people have a love-hate relationship with mums and we want to keep you feeling good about them as you decorate away! 

  1. If you want to plant them, plant them in May or in the early Fall. This article from the Farmer’s Almanac mentions that if the plant is already blooming, we’ve passed the opportunity to plant them and benefit from the perennial (comes up every year) they are. 
  2. Do not let your impulses get the best of you. Wait until the nights get chilly to buy your mums. This Better Homes & Garden article is pretty direct about holding off until it is officially Autumn.
  3. Go all in! As this Southern Living write up puts it, “Buy the bigger plant. Once buds start to open, you’re pretty much guaranteed flowers―no matter where you display them.” Big is better when it comes to mums.
  4. Lot’s of sun and water!  Stephanie Lynn gives us the knowledge to only water to keep the soil damp but do not over-water or the mums will wilt. No one likes wilty mums.  Also, mums LOVE sun. 

We’ll soon be seeing mums everywhere.  We hope your mums lasts as long as possible with these suggestions.  Good luck and cheers to Autumn!

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