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Functioning Furnace in the Fall

Functioning Furnace in the Fall

Opening a furnace panel with screwdriver

Fall is the time of year we get those furnaces checked and change those furnace filters. It might seem mundane but checking that furnace before you actually have to use it can save a world of expenses, not to mention ensure you’re warm when you need to be. We looked at some different sites and found some good reminders of downsides to motivate you to get your furnace checked and change that filter. 

Short-term Downsides:

  1. Pockets of hot and cold spots in your home
  2. Lack of airflow to certain vents
  3. Longer run times for your furnace or air conditioner
  4. Higher energy bills as a result of the longer run times
  5. Less comfort in your home

Long-term Downsides:

  1. Spots of high pressure in your ductwork can cause leaks
  2. Making your system work harder and more often means that its lifespan will be significantly reduced over a number of years

Here is a great way for you to check your furnace and support a local business. Let’s be kind to the Earth and create fewer trips for your annual furnace clean and check! Efficiency and neighborhood cooperation for the win! 

When you call Cardinal Heating at 608-352-9640 between Nov 2nd-Nov 19th, 2021, you can get a Neighborhood Discount of $20 if you and at least one of your neighbors schedules for a same day service using code: Alvarado

**Offer cannot be combined with other discounts and cannot be applied on prior services. Book by Nov. 19, 2021.

Now go get that favorite blanket and hot chocolate ready and cozy up in your warm home. 

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