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Feng shui is an intuitive art/science that manipulates the energy in spaces to achieve specific results for three main areas of life:  health, wealth and relationship.  This manipulation includes everything in the space:  the placement of walls, doors, windows – elements of building materials – furniture style, material and size  – placement of all large and small objects – colors –  lighting – mirrors – art.  Every t-h-i-n-g causes a response – a feeling or a thought. Given that each design choice causes a response, the careful choices in this home are for the specific feng shui intention to create Serenity, Relationship, Strength and Ease. Many windows, doors and walls have been changed to increase the ambient flow of the home, making it feel very connected and easy to move through.  An Eastern influence introduces a meditative quality throughout the home.

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We begin at the Courtyard – spacious and private – yet welcoming, with a Red Japanese Maple tree greeting, a small pond with a bubbling moss covered rock drilled through the center, gracious stairs – deep and wide, a sitting rock, and a statue that honors all visitors.  This is the career section of the home and the items have been chosen to support a strong career – focused and lucrative.

The Foyer, tiled throughout, portends a stable career and welcomes the visitor all the way in.  The wall fountain is for financial flow in career.  The octagonal mirror is to draw in all good things.  As you look around, the colors of the foyer, hall, and stairwell are monochromatic and calming.  Because of these soft sand colors, you are drawn into the main living space, into the Heart of the home, where the colors are bright.

The strong colors of the Main Living Space are both restful and enlivening.  The Japanese Maple wall color wraps around the perimeter, holding three rooms together like wide hugging arms, with the energetic orange contrast in the center for health and strength.   The antique Chinese pieces are old and establish a feeling of longevity.  The Laughing Buddha in front of the bubbling mirrors sets the tone for lightheartedness.  The two matching Natuzzi sectional sofas cuddle and balance the space like a large barbell.  The message is to sit and put your feet up.  The gas fireplace, set into the wall at an easy viewing height, has a low profile and comes alive, creating warmth and ambiance when desired.

The bold original art is by Dennis Davis and chosen intentionally  for its powerful, non specific presence.

Wherever possible, the corners are rounded, creating ease and flow, a gentle kindness to movement that affects your state of mind, creating a sense of availability.

Wherever possible, things occur in twos, suggesting a strong partnership.

Wherever possible, there are Large objects, as opposed to small objects, creating stability and strength of body and mind – [lots of small things create a scattered feeling]

The Kitchen design is created to enable the chef to relate with others – the range facing the dining table.  The cabinets and concrete counter top are a soft sage, suggesting good health.  The floor to ceiling pantry with pullout shelves, in high gloss is a powerful mountain backdrop for the dining room.

In the Garden Room the mirror is a relationship enhancement, doubling the energy.

In the Hallway, the hand woven wool rug with cross stripes slows the energy down the long path.

The Bathroom window, which is visible from the living room has been decorated with an Indonesian hand carved screen to keep the energy from streaming out the window and to divert attention from a bathroom presence.  [Good feng shui would have you keep the bathroom door closed, however in this case the door may stand open.]  Floor and walls with the same tiling create a unified simple appearance.

The Master Bedroom – to the right is a restful blue, with two pictures over the head of the bed for relationship.  A private door leads to an enclosed area on the deck for quiet mornings.

The Master Bathroom has slate with beautiful mosaic accents for a very organic feel.  The shower enclosure, with a slate bench and built-in wall shelves, is a steam shower and requires the final electrical hookup to be operative.

Leading Down the Stairs are five vertical wall lights – this is the Health section of the home.  The number five stands for human [five digits] and lighting is fire energy for strong health chi.  The tall vertical window helps to create a small beautiful and well lighted space.  The Masland Keystone commercial carpeting on the stairs is easy to care for.  The two original Dennis Davis paintings lift your energy as you head down the stairs.  The broad landing at the foot of the stairs creates a gracious entrance to the lower level.

The Downstairs has wonderful amenities, with nicely grouped functions.

The Office is very large with an extraordinary amount of shelving. It is yellow for mental clarity.

The Media Room is dark and cozy for relaxing, with well placed lighting over the stone wall to create interesting dimensions.  The shoji screen enlarges the small window.

The beautifully tiled Lower Bathroom with a rain shower is convenient for cleaning up after a good exercise in the Workout room.  The glass brick helps to light the hall and the bathroom.

There is a large clean Storage area behind the office with ample space for a workshop.

Outside Back – The very large curved deck is great for entertaining or just relaxing, listening to the water flow.  In the Japanese style garden, the cement bridge was once the walkway in the front of the home.  The beautiful water garden brings tranquility when enjoyed from the kitchen window and the back deck.  In the Wealth section [left rear corner of the garden] is a meditation seat.  In the Marriage section [far right corner of the garden] are two tall pines and two chairs for strong relationship. The small courtyard behind the garage has been added to enhance the Marriage section of the home.

Outside Front and Sides –  The deep wine color of the home creates privacy and wealth.  Stone and Brick Paths encircle the home creating good circulation and strong health chi.  The very large flat rock at the driveway entrance is to augment the Helpful People/Travel section.

All of the pieces mentioned were chosen to create the good feng shui of the home and will remain in the home.  Items marked with blue tape will leave the home when it is sold.

The owners of this home, David Yankovich and Jackie Patricia, are also the owners of La Brioche True Food restaurant in Madison.  They married five years ago.  This was David’s home prior to their marriage.  Jackie, a feng shui master, designed this home and the restaurant, as well as dozens of other homes in the Madison area.  She is available to speak in more depth about the feng shui of this home to potential buyers.

For more information or a private tour, please contact Sara Alvarado at 608-251-6600 or sara@thealvaradogroup.com.


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