Congratulations to Tiffany Malone, winner of the Good Neighbor Award!

Photo of Alvarado Group Team Member, Tiffany Malone, receiving the Good Neighbor Award from RASCW

Inside Photo of Alvarado Group Team Member, Tiffany Malone, receiving the Good Neighbor Award from RASCW


Congratulations to our team member Tiffany Malone for being awarded the Good Neighbor Award from The Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin! 

Tiffany’s Community Advocacy Work  

Tiffany tirelessly takes on challenges in order to make positive changes for our community and to address the racial disparities in homeownership in the Greater Madison area. As the co-creator of OWN IT: Building Black Wealth, she was acknowledged and awarded for all her work by her peers at the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin on Wednesday night, Feb. 1st, 2023 at a very special event. This award included a $4,000 donation to the OWN IT fund.  

“I believe we have to bridge the homeownership gap, and that’s why I work so hard to educate my peers and community about the redlining legacy and about Black/brown homeownership. I know firsthand that creating ways to solve these problems is HARD! But I do believe that we can change the rules, laws, and legacies that have been handed down to us. I believe we can change them from systems that put so many people down into systems that lift everyone up.“ – Tiffany Malone


Inside Photo of Alvarado Group Team Member, Tiffany Malone, receiving the Good Neighbor Award from RASCW

What is The Good Neighbor Award?

The Good Neighbor Award recognizes RASCW members who show extraordinary commitment to community service and advocacy. Along with highlighting the work of standout members, the award brings a monetary donation to the local nonprofit organization of each winner’s choice. This is the second year the RASCW has offered The Good Neighbor Award, and this year, RASCW is donating $4,000 to each award recipient and their organizations!


What is RASCW?

RASCW is the REALTORS® Association of South Central Wisconsin. RASCW is an active trade association whose members work to protect and promote home ownership and real estate investment throughout south central Wisconsin. RASCW has a history in south central Wisconsin spanning over 100 years, and its members include more than 800 offices in 10+ counties throughout south central Wisconsin. Along with its wide local reach, RASCW reaches across the state and the nation. RASCW is an affiliation of the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association and the National Association of REALTORS®, which is the largest trade association in the United States.


Learn More About Tiffany Malone

To learn more about Tiffany, read through our interview with her for our series, “What’s It like to be a Realtor.” In the series, we sit down with each of our team members and talk about how they started in real estate, what motivates them in their role, and which complex issues they see in real estate today. In Tiffany’s interview, she shares what led her to change careers to become a realtor, and she discusses how systemic issues like redlining affect real estate today. Read Tiffany’s interview: here.

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