Homeowners’ Story:

Homeowner’s Story: Emily

Emily standing outside of her house smiling We are excited to share another home buyer insider story. Emily had a great experience purchasing her first home even during a global pandemic. She wants to share her story in hopes that it will inspire others to become homeowners too Emily grew up in Wisconsin and had been living in Minneapolis for the last 15 years. Her brother and sister-in-law lived...

couple smiling outside of house

Homeowners’ Story: Mel & Ellen

couple smiling outside of house It can be hard to become a homeowner, especially if you’re young or don’t know anybody that has done it. We want to share our past clients Ellen and Mel’s story on buying two homes. If you are thinking about buying a home, stories from real homeowners can be helpful and informative. Ellen and Mel have been homeowners since 2012. They lived in their first home, a three bedroom, one bathroom 1.5 story home, for eight years. In 2020, they sold that house to buy something bigger; a four bedroom with three bathrooms - it was a big upgrade. Now they are on the search for an investment property too. When they first started thinking about homeownership in 2012...

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