James C. Write Middle School

1717 Fish Hatchery Road
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: (608) 204-1340

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James C. Wright Middle School is named after one of Madison’s civil rights pioneers. One of Madison Metropolitan School District’s “Schools of choice,” we offer a challenging, technology-enriched, and multi-cultural curriculum for close to 260 students in grades 6-8. School hours, Monday through Friday, 8:15am through 3:15pm.

Mission Statement: The mission of James C. Wright Middle School is to educate all students so that they develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to participate fully in an evolving global society. Wright Middle School will provide:

  • student learning with a social action and citizenship focus
  • an environment characterized by challenge, support, choice, and respect
  • a staff that is committed to providing a developmentally appropriate and multicultural curriculum
  • innovative, flexible approaches to teaching and learning with appropriate integration of technology

This will be accomplished through…

  • a staff commitment to ongoing professional development to increase the understanding of adolescent learning;
  • the involvement of students in their own learning;
  • the recruitment and retention of a diverse, exemplary staff; and
  • partnerships with families, businesses, and educational, cultural, and community resources.

Wright is a Charter School

Wright is a public school, not a private school. As part of the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), Wright is operated by the same tax dollars that fund other MMSD schools. What makes Wright unique is that it is governed by a “charter agreement” contract between our school and the School Board. The charter binds our school and the School Board to certain terms that have been agreed to by both parties.
These are the major points of Wright’s Charter agreement with the Madison Board of Education…

  • Limit overall school enrollment at Wright to 255 students
  • Limit class sizes to 22 pupils per teacher in academic classes
  • Provide a social action curriculum focus

In exchange, our school has agreed to…
Provide a supportive learning environment for all children, regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background, which provides opportunities for academic success.

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