Whitehorse Middle School

218 Schenk Street
Madison, WI 53714
Phone Number: (608) 204-4480

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Whitehorse at A Glance

Whitehorse Middle School is a progressive community of student and adult learners. We assure academic success and personal growth for all students through a commitment to provide:

  • a challenging, meaningful and multicultural curriculum
  • a safe, nurturing environment where diversity is valued
  • shared responsibility through productive parent and community partnerships
  • an exchange of ideas among students, parents, and community

As an organization with a proven record of educational success, we:

  • have students as our number one priority
  • take a continuous improvement process view of our work
  • assume joint ownership of the process
  • use data to measure student achievement and organizational success
  • are never satisfied with the current level of performance


Whitehorse is located on 12 acres of open space within a surrounding residential neighborhood. Of note is the school’s proximity to Olbrich Botanical Gardens and Lake Monona.


There are 6 academic sections of 6th grade and 5 sections at 7th and 8th grade, with classes averaging 25 students. Total student population is 406.

Areas of Special Achievement

Technology education is required at all grade levels. Whitehorse has a multimedia computer lab containing 27 individual computer work stations and a mini-lab of 8 units; the Learning Materials Center has 15 computers and all classrooms have at least one computer.

Other Programs: The Unified Arts program is comprehensively planned with physical education, art, computers, industrial technology, foreign language (French and Spanish) and music (choir, band, orchestra and general music) required or elected depending upon the grade level of the student. A full range of special education options/services are available and a complete and detailed academic and unified arts curriculum guide is available upon request

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