Toki Middle School

5606 Russett Road
Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 204-4740

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Toki at a glance

The mission for Akira Toki Middle School is

  • To engage students, staff and families in learning and leadership for school improvement
  • To continuously uphold and improve academic achievement
  • To provide a safe, caring and consistent learning environment
  • To build a connected learning community through timely, positive, communication

Middle School Philosophy and Goals

The middle school is designed for pupils who are making the transition from childhood to adolescence, from elementary to high school. This period of transition is one of emotional stresses and strains and a wide variation among pupils in social, intellectual, and physical development. As a transitional school, the middle school is designed to meet the unique growth and development needs and special interests of this age group.

The middle school should create a learning environment that provides stability, promotes self-confidence and self-worth, and is sensitive to the needs of each individual child. The middle school should:

  • continue to develop and reinforce basic skills throughout the curriculum;
  • continue to develop basic learning strategies with an emphasis on problem solving and decision making skills, and have opportunities to apply them;
  • expand the students’ knowledge base in content/concepts in all curriculum areas;
  • apply and extend independent learning skills unique to students’ development levels;
  • extend the students’ abilities to transfer skills and challenge their social, intellectual and motor strengths;
  • identify, explore and develop the students’ interests and abilities

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