• 4 years ago

It was such a stress-free time of working with Kate as the realtor representing and advising me in both buying a condo and selling a house.

Kate knows real estate, but she complements her professionalism with caring and sensitivity. As case in point: after seeing the condo which I bought, and wanting to made an offer on it, we moved quickly to do so. Kate, however, kept checking in with me asking, “Is this going too fast for you?” I assured her it wasn’t; but I was so impressed that she had the sensitivity in the midst of capably handling the business part of what needed to be done, to ask how I was doing personally with the decisions being made.

Kate is a hard worker. Even though I knew I wasn’t her only client, when she was with me, I felt that she was fully engaged in what we were about. If I contacted her, I knew I would hear back from her as soon as she was able to respond without compromising her attention with other clients. I felt comfortable and confident contacting her about any questions I might have, but there were few since she is very thorough in explaining things as well as advising how she thinks best to proceed and why.

I have no reservation about totally recommending Kate as a capable and caring real estate person. She also has a sense of humor and a ready laugh to appropriately sprinkle in with the serious matter of buying or selling a home.

How great to have a truly professional real estate person, who also authentically relates and connects with you as a person. That describes my totally positive experience of working with Kate.

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