Spring Harbor Middle School

1110 Spring Harbor Drive
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: (608) 204-1100

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The mission of Spring Harbor Middle School, a magnet school with an emphasis on environmental science, is to develop the personal, social, and academic potential of all students. We will accomplish this through an interactive, integrated, multicultural curriculum. Spring Harbor’s small, caring atmosphere guided by shared involvement of students, parents, staff, and community promotes exploration and lifelong learning


We are one block from the southwestern shore of beautiful Lake Mendota the largest of our five majestic lakes in Madison, Wisconsin.


Enrollment is limited to students from the Memorial Attendance Area in grades 6, 7, 8. Applications are available from the school office. A waiting list is maintained for each grade. Selection of the 6th grade class is by lottery.

Areas of Interest

Spring Harbor is a unique magnet school with various areas of interest such as:

Small Classes in a Small School Setting: If your child benefits from individualized instruction and likes the feeling of being well-known by peers and teachers, Spring Harbor is for you. Spring Harbor has a total enrollment of 240 students in grades 6, 7 and 8. There are four classes per grade level.

The Three R’s…With a Focus on Environmental Science: As a magnet school, Spring Harbor offers the same basic education offered by all other Public Schools…with a focus on environmental science. The school’s location provides opportunities for integrating environmental science across the core curriculum.

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