Special Discount for Teachers!

2019 Special discount for teachers

2019 Special discount for teachers

In an effort to show our love and appreciation to Madison area teachers, the Alvarado Real Estate Group offers a $300 credit towards closing costs with the sale or purchase of a home. This special discount can be applied to reducing your closing costs or we will donate that amount to a local school of your choice.

Homeownership is an important part of creating and building wealth and we know that it can be a struggle for public school teachers. Therefore, we also work with creative local lenders that offer programs specifically for teachers. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you and to help connect you with the right professionals.

Our schools strengthen our neighborhoods and our teachers strengthen our schools. Let’s all work together to build a better future, not only for the children, but for those that dedicate their lives to teaching them.

*This program is available for public school teachers K-12 in Madison and surrounding areas.

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