Schenk Elementary School

230 Schenk Street
Madison, WI 53714
Phone: (608) 204-1500

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Schenk staff, students and families are committed to ensuring that students use their academic and creative abilities to access, process and generate information that enables them to be problem-solvers and contributing members of a changing society. Students at Schenk are actively engaged in learning – individually and in groups. They seek meaning beyond simple facts, learn to connect learning across curriculum areas, apply what they know to improve the community and work to form meaningful relationships with others.

To support students, Schenk staff provides a relevant and challenging curriculum in an engaging environment. Teachers promote critical thinking skills and work to collaborate with parents and the community. This partnership encourages reinforcing what students learn in school by extending that knowledge at home and in the community.


Schenk is nestled on 12 acres of open space within a surrounding residential eastside neighborhood, near Lake Monona and Olbrich Park and Botanical Gardens.

Class Size

The SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) grant from the State will keep kindergarten and first grade classes at 15 or fewer students. Second and third grade classes have 15 or fewer students for math and language arts instruction. The average class size in grades 2-5 is 22 and total enrollment is approximately 260.

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