Lowell Elementary School

401 Maple Avenue
Madison, WI 54704
Phone: (608) 204-6600

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Lowell at a Glance

Lowell is a school-based community which embraces its diversity to assure that all learners will master skills, acquire a lifelong passion for learning, think critically and communicate effectively by respecting themselves and others. We provide a challenging and responsive curriculum with high expectations in a safe and engaging learning environment, while using the richness of all available resources through family, school and community partnerships.


Lowell School is located on Madison’s near east side adjacent to Lake Monona, Olbrich Park, and Olbrich Gardens.

Class Size

The SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) grant from the State will keep kindergarten through third grade classes at 15 or fewer students. Average class size in multi-age 4/5 classrooms is 25. Total enrollment is approximately 280 students.

Academic Programming

Title I School-wide Program: Lowell has a school-wide Title I program that evolved from extensive assessment and planning. Our Reading Recovery and Title I staff work together to meet the needs of children. Staff members analyze data and hold high expectations for learning.

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program: The goal of Talented and Gifted (TAG) programming is to make certain K-12 students consistently have learning opportunities that are challenging, systematic and continuous based on learning profile, readiness and student interest. TAG programming may occur in the classroom, or in other settings. TAG programming is determined by ongoing evaluation and assessment of individual student needs. Each school has TAG resource support for ongoing consultation.

ESL Program: Lowell is a host school for English as a Second Language (ESL). Students from six surrounding schools make Lowell their home as they learn to master English. We have children with varied backgrounds speaking several different languages, enhancing our diverse climate and enriching all who attend Lowell. Teachers develop an inclusive curriculum to meet diverse student needs.

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