Kennedy Elementary School

221 Meadowlark Drive
Madison, WI 53714
Phone: (608) 204-3420

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Kennedy at a Glance

John F. Kennedy Elementary School is a neighborhood school with family commitment.

Kennedy School offers a challenging curriculum, a safe nurturing learning environment, and an atmosphere that fosters individual responsibility and productive citizenship.

Location / Class Size

Kennedy is located near two city parks — Heritage and Kennedy — on the far east side of Madison. Grades K-5 are housed at Kennedy. Average total student enrollment is 465 students; average class size is 23 students.

Achievement Scores

Third Grade Reading Test: Kennedy’s third graders recently scored in the top quartile of all Madison elementary schools tested. Fifth Grade District Writing Assessment: Kennedy students recently finished in the top quartile of all Madison elementary schools tested.

Areas of Interest

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution: Conflict resolution skills are taught to all students. Training occurs in all grades. Teachers and support staff develop and promote lifelong skills for success in handling conflicts.

Technology: Computers are a strong part of the school’s curriculum program. Our Computer Lab is used to support and extend learning across the curriculum. We have computers in all classrooms, the LMC, as well as the Lab.

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program: The goal of Talented and Gifted (TAG) programming is to make certain K-12 students consistently have learning opportunities that are challenging, systematic and continuous based on learning profile, readiness and student interest.
Student learning experiences include a broad range of opportunities that pushes a student to their next level of challenge and allows them to develop their talents. TAG programming may occur in the classroom, or in other settings. TAG programming is determined by ongoing evaluation and assessment of individual student needs. Each school has TAG resource support for ongoing consultation.

Special Classes: Teacher specialists in art, music, and physical education provide regular instruction. REACH (Reinforcing and Enriching Achievement for All Children) extends and supports classroom curriculum through computers.

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