Muir Elementary School

6602 Inner Drive
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: (608) 663-8170

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National School of Excellence

John Muir School, dedicated to an evolving vision of quality elementary education for all its students, cultivates knowledge and skills, develops enthusiastic lifelong learners who embrace and value diversity, fosters self-esteem, and promotes respect for all in the global environment, through research-based individually appropriate and integrated curriculum, and partnerships among school, community, families and others.


John Muir Elementary School is located on Madison’s far west side within easy walking distance to Jefferson Middle and Memorial High School.

Class Size

Muir’s total enrollment is 470 including an early morning and afternoon Early Childhood program and an afternoon Phonology program. Class sizes average 24, except in grades K-1, where classes range from 15-17, thanks to the SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education).

Assessment and Achievement

On the WSAS, Muir fourth grade students scored above the Madison Metropolitan School District average in the areas of reading, language arts, and math. All students are assessed both individually and as classroom groups beginning in kindergarten and continuing through fifth grade. The results of these assessments provide a snapshot of individual student progress. Ongoing assessment also provides teachers with specific information that guides their instructional programs. School-wide data is also critical in the development of the yearly school improvement plan. This plan is designed to increase student success in the areas of engagement, learning and relationships.

Special Classes

Specials classes integrate the content area skills/concepts being taught in the regular education classroom. The Muir REACH (Reinforcement and Enhancement for All Children) Program, better known as SAM, allows ALL students to go deeper and wider into the area of science and math.

Special Opportunities and Programs


Opportunities for exploring special interests abound at Muir. Story time and after school Science Clubs are just a couple of the programs available to students. In addition, John Muir School offers Reading Recovery, English as a Second Language, psychologist, social worker, and nurse support services.

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