James Madison Memorial High School

201 S Gammon Rd
Madison, WI
Phone: 608.204.5990

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Memorial High School is located at the corner of Mineral Point and Gammon Roads across from West Towne Mall.

Memorial High School Neighborhoods

Working together to build a connection. Memorial High School is the recipient of a United States Department of Education Smaller Learning Communities grant. The Neighborhoods is an innovative restructuring of our school of 2200 to make it a smaller, more welcoming place for all our students. The school has been divided into four Neighborhoods and each has its own student government system. The Neighborhood concept draws upon the real world experience of Madison’s own neighborhoods. As successful self-government entities, Madison’s city neighborhoods provide a model for the development of a social fabric, a governing structure, and a program of community and service activities. Each neighborhood has its own neighborhood center, which are used for study, after school meetings, and other activities. The Neighborhoods are further broken down into smaller units called “Backyards.” These are cross-age groups that meet with an adviser on a weekly basis to promote student and teacher interactions. The purpose of the project is to promote relationships student to student and student to staff, to increase academic achievement by creating a sense of belonging for all students, and to build a stronger productivity ethic in study halls.

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