Happy New Year from the Alvarado Real Estate Group

It is 2011! I can hardly believe it. But everyone says that, right?

As many of you ponder and reflect on 2010 and dream big for 2011 I hope you’ll take a moment to be grateful for this present moment. January 1st is usually a calm day. The phone doesn’t ring much and our National holiday gives us some time and space to breathe deeper, relax and enjoy our family and friends. I love that about January 1st!

I’m grateful today for an amazing family and a wonderful team to work with. Everyone on our real estate team is blessed to be so committed and active in the community, doing what we love and living our passions. That is what life is supposed to be about! And the fact that I can surround myself with people living their dreams and making a difference in our world is incredibly inspiring.

If you are dreaming of a move in 2011 please think of us. Give us a call and we can talk about the pros, the cons, what the market is like in your neighborhood and how we might be able to help. The process of selling and buying a home starts with a conversation. We are different in that we feel like our job is about getting to know you, not just selling you a house. You don’t have to know what your plans are or even if you are for sure going to make a move or not. We talk through it with you and help guide you in a way that feels right for you. Some people walk in our office ready to list their home right now! And others call to talk about moving into the right school district when their oldest is only three and they still have many months before needing to be in the right place for Kindergarten. With respect, experience and personal attention to what you really want and need through the process – we are here for you.

Thank you for your business, for your referrals and for your commitment to our community. It takes a village! 

Happy New Year from your friends at Alvarado Real Estate Group!

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