Frank Allis Elementary School

4201 Buckeye Road
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: (608)204-1056

Frank Allis Elementary website

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assure that every student has the knowledge and skills needed for academic achievement and a successful life. Frank Allis, in 2003, become a Title 1 Schoolwide School Based on the results of our Title 1 Needs Assessment. We knew that there was a need to change our focus from teaching to learning. We had systems and structures in place such as Action Teams, Cadre Meetings, and District Framework Teams. During the same time Frank Allis was awarded the Comprehensive School Reform Grant which afforded us the funds that we needed to support and foster our collaboration throughout the Frank Allis school community. We have also become a Professional Learning School. We adhere to three professional learning school questions to drive our teaching:

  • What do we want children to learn?
  • How do we know they are learning it?
  • What do we do when they do not learn it?


Located on Madison’s far east side, Frank Allis serves a vibrant and diverse student population. Allis’ school community is committed to developing and sustaining a school environment which encourages individuality and responsibility, celebrates diversity, fosters a desire to learn, and supports every community member to discover and strengthen their skills, talents, and abilities so that each is prepared to be a productive participant in our changing global society.

Class Size

Our kindergarten through grade 3 classes average 15 students. The SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) grant from the State keeps kindergarten through third grade classes at 15 or fewer students. Grades 4-5 average 25. Our current enrollment is 380 students.

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