Emerson Elementary School

2421 East Johnson Street
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 204-2019

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Emerson is a kindergarten through fifth grade school in a strong East-side neighborhood. Our school is firmly committed to the district’s vision of success for every student.

Emerson strives to meet the learning needs of students in an atmosphere that fosters community and academic excellence. Along with instruction in math, language arts, and other academic areas, students receive additional information in the areas of computers, the arts, physical education and library skills. Many instructional activities are provided in a variety of learning modalities to enhance the learning of all students. MSCR’s Safe Haven offers on-site, after school care for Emerson families as well as students enrolling at Emerson through the Transition Education Program (TEP). Several area day care providers offer transportation to their programs.


Emerson is located two blocks from East High School, within two miles of Sherman Middle School and Shabazz High School, allowing for interactions with positive teen models and a smooth transition to middle and high school.

Class Size

With the Wisconsin SAGE grant, average class size is 15 for K-3. Class size for grades 4-5 is 15 for reading and math. Total enrollment is 270.

Academic Achievement

Recent Reading Assessment Data show that 93% of Emerson students who attended Emerson for two years or more scored above the statewide performance standard. Emerson students have had increases the past 3 years on state standardized testing.

Area of Interest

Emerson is a SAGE school, which features reduced class size in our primary grades. Emerson also offers support in the areas of reading and math. Students who are learning English as a second language are supported through the English Language Learner program, and there are bilingual services in Spanish available to students and parents. In addition, we are a choice school for families who are living in sheltered housing.

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