Elvehjem Elementary School

5106 Academy Drive
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: (608)204-1400
Fax: (608) 204-0396

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Elvehem at a Glance

Elvehjem Elementary School exists as a community of students, staff, and families dedicated to student growth and development:

  • Academically – through participation in learning within an environment that actively narrows the achievement gap, eliminates racial predictability and enables all students to be successful in the world.
  • Socially – through developing and sustaining respectful and meaningful relationships.
  • Emotionally – through active engagement in school life.

The school environment will continually evolve to address the individual and changing needs of students to create a school community which values respect and diversity.


Elvehjem is located in a close knit neighborhood between Buckeye Road and Cottage Grove Road. The spacious grounds abut a city park and the Elvehjem Sanctuary and Park. Elvehjem takes pride in being a neighborhood school. Most students live within walking distance. One school bus transports students from the Richmond Hills and Grandview Commons Neighborhoods and vans transport special needs students.

Class Size

Total school enrollment is about 400, with 18 classrooms and one classroom of Early Childhood students.

Areas of Interest

  • Multi-age or Looping Classes: The structure of class groups is varied at Elvehjem. At Elvehjem we have traditional Kindergarten classes and a K/1 multiage classroom. We also have two first grade classrooms. All 2/3 classes and 4/5 classes are multiage classrooms. These multiage classrooms allow students to “loop” with the same teacher for more than one year, giving consistency in programming and relationship development. Multiage classrooms are seamless classrooms, blending the curriculum and standards of two grade levels into one classroom environment where traditional grade level boundaries are absent.
  • Technology: All the computers at Elvehjem are networked together. The Computer Lab is equipped with 26 personal computers. All students receive one hour of computer and library instruction each week. Most classrooms have two computers. Fourth grade students learn keyboarding. Students of all ages access the Internet safely and learn how technology is a part of learning. The Library Media Center (LMC) has computers, CD ROM and the Internet.

Academic Achievement

On measures of reading and math achievement, Elvehjem students consistently score above national and state norms and among the top elementary schools in the city.

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