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    Property Owner uses a minimum income requirement or minimum income-to-rent ratio in evaluating your application. The income requirement is as follows: Rent should be no greater than 33% of the applicant’s current annual income. If we deny your application, we will provide you a written notice of the reason or reasons for the denial. Co-signer must show proof of income verification and will be added to the lease.

    We do not accept applicants who participate in the federal Section 8 housing program.

    By signing below, I authorize the Property Owner to contact listed landlords, and employers to verify information to process this application. I authorize a criminal background check. I confirm that all information stated above is accurate and that incomplete or falsified applications will be subject to rejection. I confirm that I have not been evicted in the past. All applications are subject to the approval of the owner or their authorized agent. The Property Owner has application acceptance procedures which must be met in order to qualify for the apartment applied for. We comply with all local, state and federal fair housing laws.

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