Black Hawk Middle School

1402 Wyoming Way
Madison, WI 53704
Phone: (608) 204-4360

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Philosophy: At Black Hawk Middle School, we believe that students can exhibit social responsibility and pursue academic excellence. All members of our school family are committed to making and keeping an orderly, safe and pleasant community. We will form a partnership with students, families and community in order to foster a sense of school pride. Teachers accept the responsibility to teach social as well as academic skills and students accept the responsibility to help maintain a disciplined learning environment. Parents will support students and staff in this effort. Black Hawk Middle School recognizes that positive contributions (effort, dignity, giving and excellence) can be made by all.

The curricular offerings at Black Hawk Middle School are broad and wide ranging. They include not only traditional academic subjects but also a number of offerings that are unique to the middle school. All students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades receive instruction in four basic academic subjects: math, science, social studies and language arts. These classes comprise the “academics” of the middle school program.

In addition to academics, middle school students take unified arts, music and physical education. The unified arts consist of classes in art, reading & writing (R.A.W), health, and computer technology. Students in 7th and 8th grade may choose a foreign language; either Spanish or French. In addition to these classes, Black Hawk Middle School offers programs for both students with disabilities as well as English language learning needs. It is our goal to offer a comprehensive program to all students.

Areas of Interest

Students are rewarded for positive contributions to the school and for outstanding academic effort. The Black Hawk “EDGE Award” program, Wolf Bucks, Hawk coupons and the quarterly Honor Roll are some of the student recognition efforts sponsored by the staff. Students may also participate in an ongoing variety of after school clubs and intramural programs. Black Hawk Middle School takes pride in its comprehensive program, dedicated staff, hard working students and supportive community. All of these components make Black Hawk a quality middle school.

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