What it means to be an Antiracist Real Estate Brokerage

black-lives-matter protest

What makes the work we do at Alvarado Real Estate Group different? In acknowledging that racism exists in our country and in the real estate industry we step out of denial and silence. We are committed to exploring and challenging the way racism is embedded within the real estate industry as a whole. We practice this work in a way that is rooted in justice, transparency, and accountability to those most marginalized.

Everyone in the company has committed to this work of exploring and challenging racism within their roles and capacity. 

We have prioritized regular social justice sessions for open dialogue, difficult conversations, and deep learning. 

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. This means different things to different people. At the core, we all believe Black Lives Matter and that the system was not created for and is not working for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and People of Color in the same way as it is for white people and that creates injustices that we have committed to explore and challenge.  Systemic racism is real. Institutionalized racism is real. We choose to acknowledge that openly. We bring humility to this work. 

We partner with community organizations to strengthen communities of color and support leadership. 

We challenge our biases and learn to reframe them. We acknowledge societal conditioning and the messages we receive that uphold systems of oppression and we challenge them. We challenge the status quo, individually and as a company. 

We commit to learning the historical context of racism in our industry and the interconnectedness in other areas so we can better challenge it in our day to day interactions in our work and beyond.

We can’t change what we can’t see. We are actively engaged in a redistribution of wealth program called OWN IT: Building Black Wealth. This groundbreaking initiative includes an educational component and a down payment fund for families at One City Schools.

Real Estate and Racial Justice Resources

So you’re ready to learn more about racism in America’s real estate industry.

Maybe you attended a Black Lives Matter event. Maybe you’ve started to notice that the neighborhoods in your city are starkly segregated, and that Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and families of color seem to have a hard time building generational wealth.

Whatever your path here, you’ve arrived at the big question: What can I do? What can I do as a community member to create more access to homeownership for People of Color?

There is so much you can do. But where do you start?

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