Gerry and Alesha Mennaghan

  • 7 years ago

Between May and July of 2016, Troy facilitated from start to completion a simultaneous sell-to-buy transaction for me and my family. I found him to be a strong advocate for his clients, knowledgeable of real estate processes, procedures and paperwork, full of positivity, optimism, humor, and personality, and an effective communicator. His ability to communicate promptly and effectively using multiple mediums (text, phone, e-mail, in-person) and smoothly facilitate the accurate completion of piles of real estate paperwork was critical for the speed and success of both transactions. His connections among and knowledge of other local agents, contractors, inspectors, and appraisers were also very helpful throughout the process. However, what stood out to me were things like his willingness to keep the transactions on track by coming over before or after my workday or on weekends to review offers, sign paperwork, explain processes, make plans, or simply to calm my anxious nerves. He also went above and beyond on numerous occasions by helping clean and make minor repairs on the house we sold prior to closing, and physically move our belongings to our new house. That’s the kind of person and professional Troy is. I would absolutely hire him again and recommend him highly.

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